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Bank transactions: Transfer money confirmation popup

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Good morning, 


Whilst allocating my transactions this morning I chose "transfer between accounts" as an option. 
I must admit I did have a large number of unallocated transactions in my list. 


If I scroll down far enough and attempt to transfer between accounts, the entire screen is greyed out and the confirmation box is displayed at the top of the screen which means I need to scroll to the top of the page in order to save the transfer.

Then I need to scroll all the way back to where I was in order to continue. 

Is it not possible to make the popup with the ability to float at the current screen position rather than defaulting to the top of page?




"Allocating transfers between accounts"

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Still happy to ignore your customers I see. 

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Hi Everyone

Within MYOB Essentials the user can match a bank transaction to another bank transaction using the Transfer option. This is all completed via the Transfer option and when the user selects Save that match will be saved (no confirmation popup). For more information on dealing with bank transactions do please see Help Article: Working with bank transactions