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Contributing Cover User

We currently use AccountRight Plus (v19) with the account file located on an office server to access it locally and remotely via our intranet link, this has the disadvantage of only being able to access the account file one user at a time. We also use payroll and inventory control as part of our business.


We thought that AccountRight Live Plus was going to solve our access problems. If we were all working on PC based machines it would. But unfortunately we utilise a mixture of PC and Ipads/Iphones (as I’m sure many businesses do).  So if we were to go with AccountRight Live Plus we would solve our multi-user conflicts with the PC interfaces, but no help with the Ipad or Iphone interfaces, as the platforms are not supported.


The Live Accounts system is an alternative that would cross the PC and Ipad/Iphone platforms, but it has no functionality for inventory management.


The multi-platform (MAC & PC) must be something that MYOB have in the development pipeline for AccountRight Plus? I'm sure we are not the only company that’s using multi-user PC and Ipad systems for payroll, inventory management and invoicing!


Can you let us know what is in the development pipeline for expanding either the AccountRight Live Plus or Live Accounts functionality to give the coverage that we need?