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When you receive money & save the transaction, it goes back to 'transaction history' - why cant this go straight to another 'receive money' screen?


Cant drill down from the Accounts list into the entries to see what makes up that amount


Cant drill down from Reports


Dashboard - cant drill down into the bank accounts


No "Approve" for entries in the bank feeds - they disappear straight to reconciled, which is annoying when a client bills the same amount for alot of work - he has to go into the bill, unreconcile it, change the amount by 1c, then apply the payment, then change the amount back.

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MYOB Moderator KattC
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MYOB Moderator

Hello @Megz 


You can drill into some of the reports like the balance sheet, trail balance, profit and loss, and general ledger details report. From these reports you can click on the purple writing it will show what transactions have made up this balance. The general ledge report you would click on the reference number shown in purple this will get you the transaction that is showing in the report.


The bank feeds come into your file showing as “Allocate me” unless it auto reconciles or you have rules set up. If it auto reconciles you will need to clicking it and set the status to “Allocate me” to be able to select different transaction it actually belongs to.


As for the Dashboard and the Receive Money window I think these are excellent ideas that would help a lot of clients in their day to day entries. If there is any more users out there that would like this implemented in a future update please cast a vote and add any comments.


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