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Tab Through General Journal & Copy Journals




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When entering general journals we are unable to tab through when entering data. 


Using Google Chrome on Mac book air (brand new Oct 2014 with latest software).


Also it would be nice if we could copy journals...same idea as copy invoices.



Omni Payroll Team.  


Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks for your suggestion @omnipayroll. Anyone else who would like the ability to tab from field to field while entering general journal entries, please cast your vote here so that we can gauge the popularity of this idea.

Experienced Cover User mariad
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can you PLEASE enable tabbing between screens on GJ entry and spend and receive money.  It is available in your other programs that I've used incl accountright, accounting plus (all versions in the last 10 yrs) as well as in competitor products like quickbooks and quicken.


I also seem to have to click on each field multiple times in order to be able to enter data. 

Experienced Cover User mariad
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i second this - the inability to tab is very frustrating

Super Partner TallBooks
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Hi Guys,


This is a small fix but a MAJOR pain when reconciling and bookkeeping. The inability to tab in Receive Money or Journal Entries (but no issue in Spend Money) is very slow and frustrating have to click into each field meaning data entry is extended. Please fix this asap

Experienced Cover User mariad
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Is anyone aware of any progress on this?  I'm going nuts not being able to tab in this and other screens.

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I am a new use to MYOB Essentials and can't believe this hasn't been added in yet.  It makes entering so slow.

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Come on MYOB developers.  This is not an enhancement... this is fixign some ones sloppy coding. Someon who has not had to enter journals on a regular basis


Partner Rachel_Ivic
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Also cannot use tab between the feild when recording a receive money very frustrating.  And often the gl code selected doesn't stay put and have to select it again Smiley Sad

Partner Miket
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YES PLEASE! This is a big frustration in data entry.

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It is my considered opinion that whoever coded the screen for the general journal page has never actually watched a professional do data entry.

To have to mouse from field to field is both ludicrious and time-consuming.

I'd also like to see the ability to use the account NUMBER rather than only it's title added as well.

Oh, and a more sensible predictive function on account names as well.  If I try to enter, say, "legal fees" I get as far as "L-E" and the first suggestion is "SALES"?  Really?

But seeing how the initial request has been "under consideration" since 2014, I'm not going to hold my breath.


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The general journal entry screen is so slow! You have to add lines all the time and then click in each box with the mouse before you can enter anything - really need quick entry screen where you can tab/return through fields and smaller font so you can see more on the screen at once!