AccountRight 2020.3 is now available

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The release of AccountRight 2020.3 includes some great improvements making it more reliable, flexible and easier to use.


Payroll updates (Australia only) We’ve added a couple of nice touches to payroll, including a notes field for employee pay slips, as well as easier payroll reversals and more detailed prompts about Single Touch Payroll information sent to the ATO.


Multi-currency enhancements  We've made several changes to make it easier to work with multiple currencies. These include foreign currency general journals, selectable currency gain/loss accounts, better visibility of gains and losses, as well as adding foreign currency support to more reports.


Bug fixes and stability improvements There’s been a huge focus on bug fixes and improvements for this release. We’ve fixed the most common issues that caused AccountRight to crash, which will significantly improve the stability of AccountRight for many users. Further to that, we’ve addressed several other bugs.


Payroll (Australia only)


AccountRight 2020.3 has some great improvements helping you match your totals with the ATO, and add notes to your employees’ pay slips.


We’ve added the ability to easily reverse pay runs. This enables a better audit trail and ensures changes to pay runs are declared and sent to the ATO to resolve any issues of prefilling BAS amounts.


You can now add notes to your employee’s pay slips by updating the memo field for each employee during the pay run. This will show on the pay slip as long as your template includes the memo field.


2020.3 payroll.png


2020.3 payroll 2.png


Emailing from AccountRight
We’ve added new email variables to the body text of emails sent from AccountRight.
This makes it easier for your customers and suppliers to see transaction details the
emails you send them without having to open attachments.
In email defaults, you can paste these variables into the body of your email template.
The available variables are:

• {{your_business_name}}
• {{your_business_email}}
• {{your_trading_name}}
• {{your_business_phone}}
• {{your_business_website}}
• {{customer_full_name}}


• {{customer_business_name}}
• {{invoice_number}}
• {invoice_total_amount}}
• {{invoice_amount_due}}
• {{invoice_date_of_issue}}
• {{invoice_due_date}}
• {{purchase_order}}
• {{foreign_currency_code}}


In email defaults, you can paste these variables into the body of your email template.
The available variables are:


2020.3 emailing.PNG

When your customer or supplier receives the email, they will see the values from the
transaction itself. See the images below for an example.


2020.3 emailing 2.PNG

Improved multiple currency support


For businesses using multi-currency, AccountRight 2020.3 features the following enhancements:

  • General journals can now be entered in foreign currencies. Supported account types are bank and credit card accounts.
  • You can now choose your own linked account for currency gain and loss from Setup menu > Linked accounts.
  • Receive payments and pay bills transactions now display the currency gain/loss for the transaction on screen. Previously, this was only visible by recapping the transaction at the time of recording or reviewing the journal.

2020.3 MC.png


  • The print/email invoices screen has been updated to show the currency and foreign currency value (if applicable) of the invoices in the list.

2020.3 MC print email invoice.png


  • Standard prices of items are now used when entering item purchases in foreign currencies.

The following reports have been updated to support foreign currency transactions.
You can now select local or foreign currency, as well as filter by currency, on:

  • Purchases Supplier Summary report
  • Purchases Supplier Detail report
  • Sales Customer Summary report
  • Sales Customer Detail report
  • Customer Payments [closed invoices] report

We also fixed these two bugs:

  • contacts were not showing in lists if their default currency was set to anything other than AUD
  • a purchase was always in local currency when created from the Stock Alerts screen, regardless of the supplier’s default currency.

Reporting additions


We’ve removed restrictions in AccountRight 2020.3 to allow you to run the following reports across unlimited periods:

  • General ledger (summary)
  • General ledger (detail)
  • GST (summary – cash/payments)
  • GST (summary – accrual/invoice)
  • GST (detail – cash/payments)
  • GST (detail – accrual/invoice)

Online Invoice Payments users (Australia only)


We’ve added new reports for Online Invoice Payments users (Australia only).


The transaction details report contains a summary of invoices and their settlement status, as well as details of the invoice payments that have already been deposited to assist reconciliation.


The cost of acceptance statement is generated monthly and provides a summary of the fees associated with using the online invoice payments service. The report will help you track and account for these costs.


2020.3 invoice payment.png

Item improvements


We’ve added a few improvements to make working with items easier.


When creating or editing an item, both the item name and number will display up to the maximum 30 characters. Previously only the first 12 characters were visible, making it difficult for those using longer item numbers.


When entering transactions and selecting an item from the list, the full item number will now be visible.

The item location field has also been added to the packing slip form template and will be shown when an item has a location.


Defect and crash fixes


We’ve done a lot of work to understand and address causes of crashes in AccountRight. This will substantially improve AccountRight’s stability in 2020.3.

We’ve also fixed several annoying bugs:

  • For some customers the incorrect template was being used when emailing invoices or statements sent via AccountRight. We’ve now fixed this.  
  • Fixed an issue preventing some users from running taxable payment annual reports (TPAR) in larger files
  • Future-dated recurring transactions weren’t recording with the correct date unless AccountRight was open on the due date. This has been resolved.
  • When linking to an existing bill from In Tray, inactive suppliers were showing in the supplier list. This list now only shows active suppliers.
  • We’ve addressed the cause of the most common AccountRight crashes that could happen when:
    • Switching company files
    • Switching between modules on the Command Centre
    • A matching transaction could not be found in a bank reconciliation
    • Processing payroll
    • Running a Reimbursable Expense report against a specific job
    • Switching sale or statement types in the print/email window
    • Applying a credit note in the receive payments window
    • Using the In Tray
    • Customising forms
    • Using Microsoft Outlook to send invoices
    • Importing a bank statement in an invalid format
    • Selecting a date using a mouse wheel

API improvements and fixes


As part of our stability and performance work for AccountRight 2020.3, we didn’t forget the API.

  • We’ve improved invoice endpoint performance by ~50% by moving all POST operations for invoice endpoints to our new stack.
  • Implemented a caching mechanism in the AccountRight Add-On Connector to stop multiple database calls for duplicate information, further improving response times on the invoice endpoints when using the Add-On Connector
  • Changed the read-only status check for company files to a single authentication rather than multiple service calls.
  • Fixed an exception thrown when the contact and memo field were both NULL on the Banking > Receive money transaction endpoint for POST and PUT operations.
  • The last modified date was not updating when changes were made to transactions via the API. This has now been fixed across all endpoints:
    • Sale/Invoice/{all_types}
    • Sale/Order/{all_types}
    • Sale/Quote/{all_types}
    • Inventory/Item
    • TimeBilling/Activity
    • TimeBilling/ActivitySlip
    • GeneralLedger/Account
    • GeneralLedger/Job
    • GeneralLedger/TaxCode

For more detailed information on API improvements for this release, head to the API Support Centre.


We will start communicating directly with our eligible customers in the coming days. Meanwhile, the latest version of AccountRight 2020.3 can be downloaded from my.MYOB >> My Products >> Downloads.

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is the 2020.3 msi available? seems only 2020.2

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All these 'awesome' improvements for 2020.3 release and yet............... STILL NO "EMAIL RECEIPT" FUNCTION!! 

"Planned" in 2013 and we still wait.................

Is this EVER going to be included in development??

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MYOB Moderator

Hi @RussellFox 


Help Article: Getting the latest version now has the updated MSI installer for users.

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Given that JobKeeper1 requires a minimum payment to all eligible employees of $1,500 per fortnight PLEASE show the Gross Pay for the employee when payroll is being prepared. Would also be usefull for other reasons.

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Contributing Cover User

When are we going to be able to enter the standard cost in the relevant foreign currency?  As most of our 5,000 products are purchased in GBP, the standard cost is a currently useless field.  I have to use countless spreadsheets to record purchase price changes and calculate our sell prices.  When I enter purchases I have to enter every price as the standard price that appears is never correct. 

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Contributing Cover User

Tried to download 2020.3, however, it would not download.

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I tried downloading the update and it says ' unsecured download' is this correct


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I’m assuming you are attempting to download the update through Google Chrome? Our team are looking into reports of the Chrome browser flagging the download as being unsecured and preventing it from being downloaded.


You can get around this by trying a different browser such as Firefox, or alternatively if you want to use Chrome right click on the download link and choose Copy Link Address. You’ll then need to open a new tab, right click on the url/address bar and choose “Paste and Go…” which should start the download for you

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Experienced User

When are you going to allow multi-currency purchase or sales orders be saved as a recurring transaction?

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When will the issue of the backup be resolved? Currently tells me I have not backed up for 100 days, has this bug been fixed?

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MYOB Moderator



At this stage I’m unable to provide a specific timeframe as to when multicurrency recurring transactions will be available. That said I have shared your feedback with the team

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MYOB Moderator

Hi @Sixers75 


At this stage our team are working on finding a resolution to that issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately I’m not able to provide a timeframe as to when a resolution to that issue will be found and made available

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I noticed that this update has some Item improvements, can you please consider the option of building an item?

Alot of our items are for labour and equipment used, we need the option of building an item using a minimum of two items to ensure the revenue is shown in the correct area of the P&L. Currently it can take multiply items to be keyed for a single transaction.


Please give the option to build an item in AccountRight Plus, thank you.

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Contributing Cover User

Regarding the payslip message, have you just extended the existing journal memo field so it accepts more characters? I don't want my journal memos coming through as (for example) "Please note this pay includes 2 sick days". And if it is not the journal memo, where is that field now?


Also, why can we not see update availability within the program itself like we normally would???

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Attachments for RECEIVE MONEY would be a welcome addition

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Experienced Cover User

Is there any reason why the update isn't appearing within the program?

(I do realise you can manually download the update)

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MYOB Moderator

Hi @Albare 


With this particular release, we have approached the release slightly differently rather than in-product messaging we have used gone from an email communication along with other channels approach.


The methods of updates are still the same however i.e. download from my.MYOB or through our Getting the latest version help article (minus the in-product message upgrade prompt).

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Contributing Cover User

Attachments for Invoices (Sales) would be a nice option as sometimes I have documents to support the invoice

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I would love the option to export the transaction in the bankfeeds to excel

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Hi @MSmeegs


Are you aware that you can do this by going to the Bank Feeds screen and clicking the right mouse button, then select the Copy List to Clipboard option from the pop up menu.  Open Excel and you can paste the transactions.


If you are wanting transactions that have already been processed, select the Approved option from the Display Transactions list.


Hope this helps,