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Better account security with two-factor authentication

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Two-factor authentication is an easy, practical way to increase security for you and your online data. Here’s how it works and what it means for your business.


What is two-factor authentication?


Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a secure sign in process that combines something you know (your password) with something you have (your mobile phone) to ensure that you - and only you - can access your account.

Check out this short video for an overview of MYOB’s two-factor authentication.


Why do I need 2FA?


Usernames and passwords can be stolen by phishing scams or other online security breaches. Securing your account with just your login details may not be enough to protect the sensitive, valuable information in your AccountRight business.

But why risk it? With 2FA enabled, your entire login process is only seconds longer - but exceptionally more secure.

Sounds great! How can I get 2FA on my account?


When 2FA becomes available for your account, you’ll be prompted to set it up when you next sign in. If you missed the prompt, don't worry! You can turn on 2FA from the Security Centre at any time. Click here to access your Security Centre.




Haven’t been prompted for 2FA yet, and don't see the 2FA option in your Security Centre?

We're rolling out 2FA to every MYOB account over the next few weeks. Want to jump the queue? Fill out this form to get set up sooner.


Where can I find more information?


For more information on what this means to your business or accounting practice, start by reading more about MYOB’s 2FA in this post on The pulse blog: The cheat’s guide to two-factor authentication

For more information about turning on, signing into, or managing your 2FA, check out the two-factor authentication online help.