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4 months ago

Subscription has expired

Dear MYOB Team,

We recently tried the trial version of MYOB AccountRight and decided to continue using the software. However, even after subscribing and paying for the software, the system still shows that our account has expired. We have already tried troubleshooting by following the suggestions on the forum, but we have not been successful in resolving the issue.

Can you please provide assistance in this matter?

Thank you.
Toar - On The Way Bali.
Your new MYOB software customer.


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  • Hi on_the_way_bali,


    Thank you for your post. My apologies for the delayed response.


    Please allow me to extend you a warm welcome to the Community forum! 


    As posts made on this Community forum are publicly available, I’ve edited your post to remove private information. Please refrain from posting sensitive information on this Community forum publicly.


    In response to your query, I have reviewed your account details. It appears that your AccountRight Live subscription, which was initiated on February 7, has ended as of today, February 19. If this cancellation was not intended, please inform me so that I can provide further assistance.


    Please feel free to reach out if you require further assistance.


    If my response has answered your inquiry, please click "Accept as Solution" to help other users find this information.