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6 months ago

Alphabetical names

Are we looking at this at all?


Payroll lists by 1st name - please can we have LAST name?

1st name could be an option but shouldn't be default.

Our timesheets (like most I assume) are by last name.


Then can we have the payroll summary also in last name order

Then can we have the bank file in last name order?

(at the moment these are random orders I can't decipher)


Reason? Need to look down these lists at each step to check details:


Payroll entry

Payroll summary

Bank payments


Right now we have

Timesheets - last name order

Payroll entry - first name order

Payroll summary - random order

Bank payments - different random order

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    Hi B10_162
    Welcome to the Community Forum, and thank you for sharing your suggestions and feedback. We appreciate your contribution, and we understand the significance of your request to your business. Although there is no specific timeframe for this at the moment, rest assured that your suggestions and feedback will be conveyed to the team.
    Please do not hesitate to post again if you need help in the future.