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4 months ago

Employees pay with a dollar value shows in STP reporting as zero

Hope someone can help me.

Whilst trying to complete the BAS, I noticed the figure on the portal doesnt match the Quartly figure in MYOB Essentials.

Even though in MYOB the pay shows with a dollar value, STP reporting shows zero.

How do I fix this.

My thought is that if I reverse the pay in MYOB that will make things worse. Because if the pay reverses and uploads with a dollar value, my figures will be out even if I put in another pay.

I have looked all through the Chats and Forums and cant find any solution.

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    Hi, CJST


    Thanks for your post, and we're sorry for the delayed response.


    If the STP reporting window shows a zero amount, kindly check the payroll reports, such as the Payroll Register, Payroll Activity and YTD verification report. If the figures are not correct on those payroll reports, kindly check each payroll category used to make sure they were assigned to the correct ATO reporting category. If changes have been made, kindly send an update event to make sure ATO will receive the up-to-date figures of your employees. For more information on how to do this, please see the Help Article: Assign ATO reporting categories for Single Touch Payroll.


    Feel free to post again anytime if you require further assistance. 
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