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5 months ago

MYOB Team cannot access

Anyone have this problem? Been trying to access but this message pop up 'Sorry you don't have the permissions to access this resource. Please contact the account owner'. I am the account owner.

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    I have been getting the same since yesterday. This is the most useless software. and nowhere to contact to help quickly. I have 40 staff waiting to be paid and no-one can access their timesheets.


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    Having this issue right now, very frustrating as payroll needs to be completed

  • Same issue here trying to do payruns and can't get timesheets

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      All these posts show the need for real customer service.... using your paying clients to supply customer service is a great idea on paper, but when those paying clients need urgent solutions, it definitely has a down fall.

  • Having the same issue. Unable to access and complete payroll.

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      MYOB Moderator

      Hi All


      We're pleased to inform you that our technical team has diligently worked on resolving the problem, and I am happy to confirm that you should now have full access to the resource in question. Please go ahead and try accessing it, and you should no longer encounter the error message.


      If, for any reason, you still face any difficulties or have additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to assist you promptly.


      Best regards,