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2 years ago


I have recently been appointed Treasurer of a small not-for-profit and have been working with MYOB Business online version.  When I export reports, I want to be able to have them fit to page, but can see no way of doing it.   It is necesary, because I have information I want on the same row, but MYOB cuts the report and prints the information at the end.  So, it is very hard to match everything up.  I also work on MYOB Account Right Desktop version for our business and can easely modify reports to fit the page.  Can you please advise if it is possible to do this on the online version?


Many thanks.

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    Hi Possum2 


    Welcome to the Community Forum. While there are some improvements added to the reports available through the web browser, it will not be possible to change the alignment at this time.  


    The reports will still be available on the desktop, so you could continue using the browser version and switch to the desktop when you need to run this report. Alternatively, you could click Export to Excel, then open the exported file and adjust the lines on the report before printing. 

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