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3 years ago

error msg shows when create invoice and try to email but fail

hi guys, pretty newbie here with MYOB. Normally no issue on create invoice online and email to client, then when payment in system allocate/match and close invoice. 


Haing trouble today when i try to create invoice and try to email, when i click email the invoice, the document doesnt go through and there is pop up msg shows: "Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'registrationStatus')" 

Can anyone help whats going on? doesnt do any setting change, menthly fee pay ontime with no issue. 



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  • Hi carmen520lly


    Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forum ! I haven't come across this error before, can you please provide a screenshot of that exact error so I can take a look into it. 

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      having same issue. 

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        Hi ChiefMouse


        Thanks for your post. We've seen this error to appear when opening a pay item not emailing, so I can investigate this further can you retrieve the Chrome Console errors:


        To open the console can be opened using one of these methods

        • Select the Chrome menu (3 vertical dots) and choose More Tools >> Developer Tools
        • Right click on the Chrome window and choose Inspect
        • Using the shortcut keys Ctrl + Shift + I(nspect)

        Once you've opened the console:

        1. Choose the Console tab to view the logs being produced.
        2. Right click and choose Clear Console
        3. Please repeat the action that causes the error in your file. Any errors within the logs will be recorded in red error text.
        4. You can save the log as a .TXT file and attach it to this thread or please attach a screenshot