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2 years ago

New user cannot access MYOB Capture


I've set my boss up as a user and he has created his account so he can access the Capture app.  Unfortunately whenever he tries to log into the app, it says he doesn't exist.

I have access to the app and I can see he has an account when I look at our users.

Could I please get some help?

Thank you

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  • Hello Alice_PD 


    Welcome to the Community Forum. 

    Are you able to please confirm if they are only unable to access the capture app, or are they unable to log into the file at all? 

    Are you able to advise if they have all levels of user access? You can check user access following this Help Article on users.


    I would suggest reinstalling the capture app on the device, and if still encountering the issue, can you please attach a screenshot of the error message that is popping up. 

    Please let me know how you go.