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3 months ago

Overdue Invoices

Hi, Very new to MYOB and wondering why on the dashboard it shows 6 overdue Invoices in the up next, but in the bottom right hand corner of the MYOB file it is showing 19 overdue invoices?

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    Hi Tarnya,


    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Community Forum.


    My apologies for the late response. The discrepancy between the number of overdue invoices displayed on your MYOB dashboard and the number shown in the bottom right corner of your MYOB file could be due to a few reasons. One possibility is that the dashboard and the file are not synchronized in real-time, causing a delay in the update of the information. This could happen if there are many transactions being processed at the same time.


    In this matter, may we know if you're still seeing different totals of overdue invoices from your dashboard? If yes, may we ask for a screenshot of it? Please note to hide any important details on the screenshot before posting it here in the forum.


    We're looking forward to your response.



    Kind regards,