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3 months ago

Overdue invoices

Trying to change to using the cloud version of accountright rather than the desktop version.  Has a box on the dashboard for overdue invoices but nothing is showing.  Have just spent ages with online help to be told that there is no ability to show overdue invoices in accountright.  Please tell me this isn't just correct for the amount of $$$ I'm paying. 

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    Hi ClaireK,


    I appreciate your post. In the browser version of AccountRight, there's a tab on the dashboard that shows overdue invoices.



    If you can't see any, it might be because there are no overdue invoice transactions. You can check all your invoices by going to Sales > Invoices and filtering by Overdue status. This will show any overdue invoices for the date range you choose. However, please note that AccountRight doesn't currently have a feature to display overdue invoices directly on the dashboard. This means there won't be any reminders on the dashboard for overdue receivables unless you use the to-do list.


    Feel free to post again anytime you require further assistance.

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      Thanks for your response - but a friend helped me sort it.  My issue was that I had clicked our payment terms as COD in the sales settings, but MYOB didn't realise that the invoice date was also the delivery date and so only marked the invoice as OPEN.  When I changed the payment terms to "0 days after invoice date" it now shows any overdue invoices as OVERDUE rather than just OPEN.  I have now changed this for any new customers, but will need to edit on all our existing customers.

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        Hi ClaireK,


        I appreciate the update. I'm glad that you can now see invoices. Feel free to post again if you encounter issues in the future.


        Best regards,