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2 years ago

Export Bills Error

Hi, I need help to export my purchases data in MYOB account right. I keep on getting this error. My internet connection is good as I was able to export data for another MYOB Account right. I keep on retrying but no good. Can anybody help? Thank you

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    Hi angela231 


    Welcome to the Community Forum. We are aware that some users are experiencing time-out errors when exporting, which is being investigated by our developers.


    In the meantime, there is a workaround where taking your file offline, then restoring it online has resolved the issue for some users and may resolve it in your case as well. 


    To do this:

    1. Make a backup of your online file
    2. Restore your company file locally to your PC
    3. Attempt to export the impacted data through the Import / Export Assistant and save the file
    4. Import the exported file back again through the Import / Export Assistant
    5. Make another backup of your this file
    6. Restore your company file online


    Let me know how you get on and if the above does not resolve your issue, can you respond with the last 4 digits of your Serial Number, your Operating System, and a copy of your diagnostic log. (Instructions can be found here: Collecting error information for MYOB Support: Get a diagnostic log)


    If my response has answered your enquiry please click "Accept as Solution" to assist other users find this information.