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4 years ago

Import/Export Error Code 58

I have tried for hours to import new "item" into our AR 2020.2 file and constantly receive the error message "58" - income account invalid; item may not be sold.


I've made sure the file is a tab delimited file; I've exported all our existing items and used the same file to import, adding the new items and it still won't import the new items!


The error log shows the account number as 104 when it should be 41000!!


This is becoming increasingly frustrating given I have spent way too much time on this and shouldn't have to do 200+ new items manually!


MYOB - I need a solution and FAST.!!!!

  • Hi HLGROUP , I'm glad to read that it finally worked. There is always a learning curve with importing to AccountRight. Ultimately you should be able to import a single file with all data.  

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    Hi HLGROUP , are you able to post the source text file that you are trying to import? (or part of it)

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        For imports to AccountRight 2020, if the import file does not have a pair of curly braces on line 1 like so: {} then the import will apply formatting rules for v19. 


        The account number has no formatting, which is a 2020 rule, so to get this through you should add a blank line at the top of the file with {} as the first 2 characters. (The v19 account number would be formatted like 1-1234).