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2 years ago

Item Return COG Issue

Hi Team,


I think this is known issue to MYOB regarding Cost of Goods Sold incorrect value.


When I tem is returned and if stock on hand qty is zero then this issue happens.  MYOB has given solution as well  ( but due to lack of data they are not able to verify the logic behind the script.


Our accountant did some digging and analysis and they observed below and we are attaching screen shot to help MYOB devloper to rewrite their scripting logic.


Explanation:  (See in conjunction with Screen shot attached for better understading)

Item is bought in unit of  (1 Box) of 24                       Pic#1

Last Purchase Price is $69.0142                    Pic#2

Sales invoice has qty of -0.125 (Return)       Pic#3         (Which 24 *0.125 = 3 pieces returned)

On hand stock at that point of time is zero 


As stock is Zero value MYOB can't calculate 0/0 (Value / Qty on hand)

Hence, applying logic of last purchase price as per Pic#2, here is the problem it ignores that and multyplys 3 returned qty with last Purchase price $ 69.014 wich gives me COG of $207.04 as shown in recap of Sales Transaction.


It should simply multipy 0.125 X 69.014 = $8.626


Hope, MYOB dev team can varify and change their logic when item is return and stock is zero.

Logic works fine when there is stock on hand is more than 0.