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2 years ago

Item Export Data Corrupt - Recurring Issue

Can anyone assist with this issue occuring again?  See thread 'Item Export Data Corrupt' for further info. No tabs located in data to push info into the incorrect columns, it is just exporting data incorrectly.  Any help would be muchly appreciated as trying to complete a full price check.


See screenshots below:


Exported Data:


MYOB Data:


Export Data:


MYOB Data:


  • Hi _Zentra 

    Please send me your product serial number and company file name by Private Message, and I'll run the script to check if that resolves this issue.


    Update: Ran script to fix the issue 

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    Hey _Zentra just letting you know, your screen shots don't seem to be visible, at least not to me. Also cannot locate the thread you mentioned. Good luck!

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      Hi _Zentra 


      As mentioned by tbaalham , the images are blocked (until a moderator reviews and clears them). So difficult to know exact cause of the issue. Most likely cause is the Description field. Some fields such as Description allow a user to enter a 'new line' or a carriage return. This looks fine on screen however is known to mess exports. In the export file this new line causes a new line, throwing all subsequent columns out.


      If this is the cause, try exporting without and field that causes this issue.