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4 months ago

Bank Account Number section doesn't provide enough space

I have an employee with a bank account number that is 10 digits long. It does not start with a 0, and no numbers can be omitted. What is MYOB's solution for this?

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  • Hi Georgia3,


    Thank you for your post. Welcome to the Community forum.


    I'm sorry for the late reply to your query. AccountRight will only allow the entry of nine-character bank account numbers (as this is the standard for most Australian bank accounts). In most cases where you have a 10-digit bank account number, the first character is a zero, and this can be omitted. In your case, since the first number isn't a 0, we recommend you check this with your bank first to ensure there isn't another number you can omit, which will also direct to their account.


    However, I'd encourage you to post in our AccountRight Idea exchange for the increase of bank account numbers to 10 characters. This board is where our developers regularly review suggestions and feedback.


    Please feel free to reach out if you need further help.