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3 years ago

Help in setting up for Bereavement leave

Could someone please let me know how to set up bereavement leave for our employee.  Employee is entitled 2 days bereavement leave per year.


Thanks so much in advance.

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    this from Fair work

    Employees don't accumulate compassionate leave and it's not a part of their sick and carer's leave entitlement. Employees can take compassionate leave any time they need it.

    If an employee is already on another type of leave (for example, annual leave) and needs to take compassionate leave, they can use compassionate leave instead of the other leave.


    So I would just set up a wage category for bereavment leave  ( ato gross paymwnts) and pay the days taken that way


    Hope that helps



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      Hi Lisa,


      I checked the ATO website, and for STP Phase 2, Compassionate/Bereavement Leave should be setup for ATO Reporting (Phase 2) as Other Paid Leave. (originally it was Gross Payments in ATO Reporting Category 1st phase)

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        If you set up the ATO reporting category as Other Paid Leave, do you need to set up an Entitlement accrual counterpart account like you do for annual or personal leave accrual?