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11 months ago

Pay run

Having the same issue that oythers have had with processing new payrun in the new financial year.


After processing pay it does not ask to send to ATO and then processes as nils and all information is lost.


URGENT as I need to process staff wages TODAY>

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  • Hi Bronwyn44 


    Thank you for your post. I appreciate your patience and understanding about this. 


    I would like to help you resolve this. Could you please send me a Private message with the following information.

    • Serial number
    • Full name and email address
    • Company file ID number ( Help menu >> About MYOB AccountRight)






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    Hi, Bronwyn44 


    I would like to follow up on the requested details to further assist you with your concern. If you are still experiencing the issue, please don't hesitate to reply or send me a private message and we'll be happy to assist.


    Best regards,