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11 months ago

Payroll summary is Balanced by the YTD does not match one terminated employee

Paryoll Summary is Balanced by the STP YTD verification for one of my terminated employees is not adding up. I have seen other posted to undo the terminate and send a Event but this has not amended it.

I did do a normal payroll for everyone on the 16th Jan then did the terminated employee separately on the same day with her Paid Leave as we paid her two weeks on termination. This amount is showing on the second payroll I did on the STP Event as Paid Leave $

But is not showing on the EOFY YTD Verfication why would Paid leave show on other employees but not the one that was terminated.

Is it because I did two payrolls on that that and single touch replaces one??


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  • Hi DebDSD 


    Thank you for your post.


    I would suggest to check the payroll register and payroll activity first, if they match with your YTD reports. However, since this is only for the terminated employee whose not showing up figures. I'll provide you the current resolution that may help you resolve this.


    Have you finalised the terminated employee? If yes, kindly undo the finalisation and process the following workarounds below:

    • Remove the employee termination date on employee card file and delete employee on STP reporting center under employee termination tab
    • Set the employee card file back to active 
    • Select the payroll year and send update event
    • Wait for the status of send update event to be on "accepted" status
    • Check YTD verification report if it has been rectified
    • If rectified, add termination date on the card file and add the employee on employee termination tab in STP Reporting
    • Inactivate the employee card file

    Please let me know how you go about this.



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