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2 years ago

Super calculations

Can anyone explain to me why the super is still calculating on a monthly basis instead of per pay? If we get it right for that pay, we shouldn't have to remember to manually check and adjust every subsequent pay in the month. 


I cannot think of a single instance where the monthly calculation would be helpful or even usable. If there are examples, I'm keen to find out what they are.


Is it in the planning to change this?



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  • Hi H-TS 


    Be patient, changes like this take a long time at MYOB.  For example when the ATO changed how Student Loans were to be taxed, it took MYOB several years to change their tax table names to suit.


    It is only since 1 July 2022 that the $450 monthly threshold was dropped. So it will likely be a few years before this change is picked up and the software updated. Prior to 1 July 2022 Super Guarantee was on a monthly basis due to the $450 threshold and how MYOB implemented this.


    The monthly basis issue only affects the month when a change is made, either to the super rate or the super is manually overridden. So Aug 2022 payroll should not be affected.




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    In accountright the default for SGC was changed to 10.5% and the threshold limit removed as per screen shot below


    Is yours set up the same way?



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      Thanks for the replies.


      LRBooks61 Yes, our super is set up the same except we also manually changed the threshold to $0.00 in case MYOB's change didn't work as promised.


      gavin12345 I've grown impatient with being patient. :( The first week in August was fine but due to the way MYOB has implemented the 30 hour check for under 18s, it is going to be an ongoing issue for me every subsequent week in every month until they make this change. It is also an issue when we have an employee move between departments because we have different super categories for them. It makes no sense (to me, as a non-programmer) to only make half the required changes. Why not just get it right from day 1? 


      MYOB: All I'd really like to know, is whether this is at least on the cards to remove the monthly calculations and switch to a 'per pay' calculation.