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2 years ago

Termination and EOFY finalisation STP Phase 2

I have followed all steps to move to Phase 2 reporting for terminated employees.  However, now one employee's gross payments are not showing in ATO report and I have a discrepancy of this amount between MYOB and ATO.  It was there prior to moving to STP Phase 2 as I had donea reconciliation.  How do I ensure the gross payments are correct?

  • Did the $0 pay run and it fixed the issue.  Thank you

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    Hi robyn8,


    Thank you for your post. 


    If this was in regards to one of your terminated employees, you will need to reactivate their card, remove their termination date, then process an Update Event/ $0 Pay Run to push through their totals to the ATO. 


    Once you're happy with the reports, you can enter the termination dates back into the card file and continue to finalise your payroll year. 


    If you had any further queries, please do reach out. 


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      Did the $0 pay run and it fixed the issue.  Thank you