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2 years ago

How do I create Trial Balance Report without the dollar $ sign??

My accountant is asking for Trial Balance report to be exported to the CSV file. 

I know how to do this but, his request is to have the CSV file without the $ sign on the amount?? Does anyone know how to do this?? 


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  • Hi Pegster 


    AccountRight (Desktop) will always add that dollar symbol on that Trial Balance so they are not able to be removed. However, I still think you could achieve what you/your accountant is after using one of the below methods:


    • Export that report to Excel, re-format that cells and then save that file as a csv file
    • Export that report to CSV from AccountRight, and open up the file in NotePad. Once in NotePad, use the Find and Replace function to find all $ symbols and replace them with blank/nothing.
    • Open the company file in the browser interface of AccountRight, run the necessary run, and export that to Excel before re-saving it as a csv file.