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2 years ago

Suspense Account



I am just wanting to check if this is the correct way or if you can please help me on how to do this correctly.


I have sold assets on the 01.01.23, one for 40k and the other 10k and it has been alocated to the suspense account. CR NT.


But i need to move this so that i can correclty get this in my BAS as there will be tax to pay on this as it will be classed as income as i have sold off an asset.


Do i manually go in and change the account change the account codes or do i do something different. If i change the account code what do i change this to? Income account ? and Call it income of sold asset?

Or what do i do a journal ?


thanks in advance




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    Hi Heathrau 


    Thank you for your post . As we are not an Accountant we are not permitted to give advise, on this matter, I would suggest speaking to an Accountant in regards to which accounts you should be recording a transaction to. 


    However, I'll give you this Help Article , Recording a Journal entry for further information .


    Feel free to post here if you need further help.