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2 years ago

Account 2023.2 Not Usable

I have just installed the lastest version of Account Right 2023.2 (March Version)


There has been a significant change to the Windowing  function.

When I am working in one window - say Reconcile Account, I am unable to click on, or use another window, such as Todo List or Find Transactions - The computer will beep at me.


This is totally affecting my Productivity as I have to close the window I am working in to open or access another function

Anyone else noticed this behaviour?


I am use the installed version on my PC (not the Web Interface)


  • Hi nooch1960 


    I've just tested in my AccountRight 2023.2 company file, I can use the Reconcile Accounts window along with another window such as Find Transactions, and switch between them. 


    If you are still experiencing the issue, please try the following and let us know how you go:


    - Close AccountRight

    - Restart PC

    Clear AccountRight cache

    Open the software again and if the issue is still happening

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