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6 years ago

Clearing the AccountRight Cache

AccountRight caches some information that it loads so that it can be referred faster the next time it is needed. This also keeps hold of certain instructions used with reporting and some other operations with data entry or displaying information on the page.


While this can make the operations faster the next time around there are times where this can become corrupted and cause odd behaviour in AccountRight such as missing information or incorrect information loading on some pages. A common troubleshooting step is to clear these cache files that AccountRight uses so that when you next open AccountRight it re-creates the cached information and can resolve some odd behaviour.



Before continuing, please ensure that AccountRight is closed. Clearing the Cache while AccountRight is open may cause further unexpected behaviour.


1. Open your Start Menu

2. Start typing: %localappdata%

3. Open the %localappdata% folder when displayed:

4. Open the MYOB Folder

5. Open the AccountRight Folder.

6. Open the Version folder (E.g: 2019.2) 
Note: AccountRight 2021.1 or later versions will show as Current.

7. Open the Cache folder

8. Delete all files in this folder.


Once these files are deleted, re-open AccountRight and try running the report, or performing the operation again.