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6 months ago

Closing company file

Hi,    We have a company file that we no longer use. We would like to cancel the subsciption but are unsure if we can convert the file to a read only version, or simliar, so we can still access rep...
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    6 months ago

    Hi SDAC,


    Thank you for your post, and my apologies for the delay in responding back to your query.


    If you wish to cancel your online file subscription but still want to access the reports, you can certainly do so. You will need to back up the online company file first. Once you've done that, you can restore it locally to your computer. This will give you read-and-write access to that file, specifically if it's a perpetual license file.


    Please note that this process will allow you to access your reports and data even after the subscription is cancelled. However, it's always a good idea to export and save any reports you think you may need in the future for added security.


    If you need further assistance with this process, feel free to reach out. We're here to help!


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    I would also like to thank you, Gavin, for your prompt response in providing information.