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4 months ago

Get Myob to send the monthly subscription invoice using eInvoice method

How can I get Myob to send me my monthly subscription invoices via the eInvoice method? Currently, I receive them only as an email. I have already registered to receive invoices and some suppliers I have already do so. 

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    Hi Projectorhire,


    Thanks for your post. Currently, sending monthly subscription invoices using the eInvoice method is not applicable as eInvoice is used for other invoice purposes in MYOB. Electronic invoicing, or e-invoicing, is a business improvement initiative to enable businesses to exchange invoices directly between their accounting software. This helpful article about e-invoicing will give you full, detailed information about this.


    I suggest that you take a moment to post on the MYOB Business Ideas Exchange board for consideration. You're welcome to share your thoughts with us.


    Please don't hesitate to reach out if you encounter any further issues. I also recommend getting in touch through our online help center, MOCA, for immediate assistance.


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