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MYOB Capture FAQs - Turn your phone into a receipt scanner

The MYOB Capture app allows you to take photos of your receipts and send them directly to your In Tray for processing, you can see how it works and where to get it with this link: : MYOB Capture app


Now that MYOB Capture is available for both AccountRight and Essentials Users, we have collected a list of our most frequently asked questions and their answers to help others who may have the same ones.


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The FAQs!



After cropping your first image you get an option to add another page when reviewing:


Just tap the add page 2 option below and start taking capture the second part of your receipt.


Yes! There is a setting that allows just that! If you are on the Capture screen tap onto Settings in the top-right and you can enable the Save uploads to Photos setting to start saving your next captures to your Camera Roll under the MYOB Folder.



There is a link in the app itself that can take you to the right place. When you have the App Open on the Capture screen, tap Settings in the top-right and tap Ideas and feedback



Once the photo has uploaded you should be able to see it in your In Tray in your MYOB product and depending on which product you are in can depend on how to do this.


In AccountRight:

On the In Tray window under Banking you can click the Link to existing Spend Money button


In Essentials:

Go to the Banking Menu, choose Bank Transactions, drop-down the relevant expense and under Attachments you can link the Capture from your In Tray (Essentials)


This can happen if your version of Android is below Version 8. At the time of posting this, MYOB Capture only supports Android version 8.0 and above, if you are getting this message when opening the link I suggest double checking what version of Android your phone is using and if you have any Android updates ready.


Here is a useful link to help you with that: How to Check What Android Version You Have


If you have set the Play Store to a country other than Australia or New Zealand at all, this will not show when you go searching. Here is a good article by Google to get that sorted: Change your Google Play country


This can happen for 2 reasons:


1. You might be running an old version of iOS, at the time of posting this MYOB Capture only supports from iOS 11 and above across iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. I would suggest double checking the version your device is using and if you have any updates pending. Here is a good article from Apple to check this: Find the software version on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod


2. Your Applie ID might be set to a country other than Australia or New Zealand, have a look at this article to confirm this and change it if necessary: Change your Apple ID country or region


As AccountRight Basics does not have In Tray as a feature, MYOB Capture is not able to send any captures to AccountRight Basics. With this being the case, the App will not list any AccountRight Basics files