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3 years ago

Online vs Desktop version for budgets

I have been using AccountRight for many years - I tried the online version last year but it didn't have some features which I needed.   I was sold to move to Premier - I have set all my budgets in ...
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    3 years ago

    Hi SRK 


    Thanks for your post. The AccountRight browser interface does have a slightly different budget setup than the Desktop application. As such, entering the budget data entered into the Desktop will not flow through to the Browser and vice versa.

    In theory, it is possible to export the budget out of the Desktop application in CSV so that it can be manipulated into the required file format for the browser. I've included the steps below:
    Note: The below process is complex

    1. Within the AccountRight desktop copy of the file, go to File>>Import/Export Assistant
    2. Choose Export Data>>Accounts- Budgets
    3. Select to separate data using Commas
    4. Select the required fields you wish to export
    5. Once you have completed that export, you would open the file in the browser.
    6. Select to Reporting>>Reports>>Budget management.
    7. Choose Create Budget
    8. Enter the desired information.
    9. Select Export to CSV.
    10. Open both exports in Excel
    11. Manipulate the export data from the AccountRight file to populate the Browser export
    12. Once the data has been popluated, save the browser export.
    13. Navigate back to the browser and import back in using the Import>>CSV option.