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4 months ago

MYOB desktop version

I've just been advised that as a loyal user and recommender of MYOB since the 1990's, because my serial number is a "professional partner"  serial number it will be cancelled and my client's data files will become "read only" meaning I'll be unable to provide my bookkeeping services any longer unless I upgrade them all to "online".

My clients have specifically instructed me that I am not to put their data online.  To add insult to injury other clients who have the desktop version V19.16 will be able to continue using their data files and confirm when required as they're not "professional partners" and their serial numbers arent affected

Has anyone else been advised who needs to remain active and on the desktop version

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  • Hi mistyben 


    This sounds very unusual as I would expect that you have a perpetual licence for your Serial Number, regardless of being a Professional Partner. I had been been a Partner up until 2011 when I stopped paying MYOB because I hated the new versions of MYOB and I have continued using my MYOB v19 files (40 in total) ever since, which I confirm when required. I can process clients who are online with their own subscriptions by downloading the new versions but I don't personally need a subscription.  It is possible you are being coerced into paying for subscriptions that you don't need but I'm sure a Moderator on here could confirm whether you have to change or not..........




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      Hi Liz

      thanks for your comments below. 

      You prompted me to search back in my archives and I found where i purchased the MYOB program with my credit card back in December 2003. 

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        Hi mistyben 


        If MYOB do continue to say your SN will be cancelled, then please email me at as I may have a solution for you.