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3 months ago

Payroll upgrade version number

I've done the upgrade to payroll but I can't seem to find the version number to check if it has worked. Instructions says to press Ctrl+R and check that version number is 2024.1 but this doesnt work. Has anyone else had issues? Or got any clue where to look for the version number? Thanks Rachel

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    3 months ago

    Hi RachelCSL 

    If you are on the web based version (MYOB Business Payroll) - you don't need to worry about an update as it is done automatically by MYOB.

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      Thanks but there is no HELP button like there used to be on the desktop version, just a circle with a ? and when you click that you just get a list of search articles.  Thsi is the online version of Payroll

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        Oh sorry, I didn't know there was an online version.