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9 months ago

New Payroll upgrade in NZ

in the new payroll upgrade in NZ is there no way to split a pay between 2 accounts now, seems its only available in this correct?

  • Hi WES1089 

    Correct - the split pay option has been lost temporarily. it should be back early next year.

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    Hi WES1089 

    Correct - the split pay option has been lost temporarily. it should be back early next year.

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      I keep seeing messages regarding the payroll upgrade in NZ? Which software is this for?


      We currently use MYOB Desktop NZ and havn't receieved anythign about it?

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        Hi, WES1089


        Thanks for your post, and welcome to the MYOB Community Forum.


        We're glad to hear that the issue has been resolved and that the information provided by the Ultimate Partner, jenniek is truly relevant. Please feel free to post again if you encounter any further issues in the future. We are delighted to assist you.


        Best regards,


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      That should have been carried over.  Next year is far to late.


      Haven't they had dummy runs be putting this system out to all their users. And don't delete the wording I have written.

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        Hi Wendye26,


        Thank you for your post.


        We understand your frustration, and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused by the temporary removal of the split pay feature. Your feedback is important, and we'll ensure your concerns about the urgency of its reinstatement are communicated to the team. While the update might take some time, we're doing our best to ensure a smooth and improved experience when the feature returns. Thank you for your patience and understanding in the meantime.


        Please feel free to reach out if you need further assistance in the future. We're here to help in any way we can.




    • How the hell do I reconcile my salary payments in the bank account with the actual payroll if you idiots removed the split payment?

      I am so sick of all the **bleep** ups in this " upgrade" . Seriously was the plan just to hand your entire customer base to Xero? 

      Because that's what is going to happen. I know plenty of people that have left already. By the comments I've read more will follow.

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        Yep I am about to do a free trial run wuth Payhero. 


        It is very time consuming making the payments because of not being able to do the spilt pays, I have had to do bank templates for paying staff so I can do spilt pays then manually enter the staff pays. It not easy as I have three different company payrolls on weekly basis.