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7 months ago

Payroll Upgrade - takes longer and is not user friendly



Is there a way to revert back to Essentials Payroll (have been upgraded to Business Payroll), as I am sure I am NOT the only one who finds the new system beyond frustrating. What used to take me 20 minutes has taken me almost 2 hours because every single step is more complicated! It's supposed to be an upgrade, to make things easier - not take longer and be more difficult to use!


- When you enter a new staff member these details no longer are automatically loaded into My IR, you have to login in to IRD and do this manually.

- No one page summary of the wage information - this was something I printed off every week as it matched the amounts for all staff and the totals for the bank / employee. I dont need to print a multi page detailed report, that is not required by the IRD as all information is sent to them with the IR Filing.

- No preview of the payslips - this was a handy double check.

- No splitting of bank accounts, the upgrade just chose one account for the staff members with split accounts....

- The payment date keeps defaulting itself to the day after the week ended instead of the intended pay date and it doesn't matter how many times you change it!

- The whole pay data entry screen is so much harder than it used to be, its hard to read and follow and enter the details in - our staff hours and days worked change every week! 

- I dont want to have to enter which day the public holiday was then it only allows you to choose one day (not great for staff working Christmas / New Years where multiple holidays fall), so it looks like I have to go in twice to do this?

- Why do I have to select the days my staff have off when on holiday? Not all staff work Monday - Friday, some of our staff have days off in the middle, how can I select that from the drop down boxes?

- The payslips look awful compared to the last ones, and I can't email myself a copy. I know you say its for security reasons however really frustrating when a staff member doesn't get one as I can easily go in and remail from my phone or computer rather than having to login to MYOB and deal with the 2 factor security!

- The bank file / prepare electronic payments tab is a debacle, it took me forever to sort that out, why is it so hard? Previously there was a wee download button click it and its done, and if it got lost somewhere along the way / or went wrong I could always go back into past pay runs and download it again, I could also re-print the summary.


I honestly don't feel this is an upgrade when its taking me so much longer to do the pays, please can I go back?




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