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2 years ago

How to export Account field in the exported Bank Register report

i can view the Account Field in the Bank Register Window, but when i export this Bank Regster report, the Account field is gone, and also i can't find Account field at Show/Hide Columns. 


i also can't copy the data into Excel file, there is no  "Copy list to clipboard" here.


I will pay fees for solving the issue, I really need to get Account Field in the exported Bank Register report. 

thank you very much. 




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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi jamespetpal 


    Thank you for posting.


    Kindly make sure that the dates that you chose are correct. I noticed in your first screenshot it is dated from 1/05/2023 to 26/05/2023 and the report is showing 1/06/2023 to 07/06/2023. If you have the report already opened, you can go to the Filters tab >> change the date >> Run Report so that it would refresh the report without reopening it. 



    Please feel free to post again. I'm happy to assist further.


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