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28 days ago

Keep getting logged completely out

I switch between a lot of different files during the day and since Wednesday, I keep getting logged completely out of MYOB whenever I change files.


This is happening on both Account Right (logging in from desktop app) and also when I log into a client file via the Partner Dashboard.


On Wednesday I thought it was my internet connection but yesterday I was in a different business, on a different computer with a different internet provider and it was happening in the dashboard as well.


I've noticed when I log in that the "Keep me logged in for 12 hours" button has disappeared and I'm not being asked to verify via the authenticator even though I logged in on 3 different laptops in the last 48 hours.

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  • I am having the same issue.  Yesterday i would have logged into myob files 12 times during the day.  To open a new file I have to enter the email and password, and after an hour I have to do it again.  Tried on other computers and same problem.  Also no code asked for.


    I have removed the cache, still no change.

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    MYOB Moderator

    Hi RhondaMP,


    I can see that you are being logged out in both Accountright and Dashboard. May I know if you have tried a different browser for accessing the dashboard? You may also use a private window and clear the cache. You may also clear the cache in Accountright. 


    Regarding multi factor authentication, please try logging in in a private window, and it should ask you to enter the code from the MFA. If you are still encountering the same error, feel free to write a post and If you need immediate assistance, ask MOCA, our virtual assistant. Click the chat bubble at the bottom of any help page and ask a question. If MOCA can't help, you'll be guided to our other support options, including live chat.




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      Still having the same issue.  It is very frustrating.

      I actually just got logged out of MYOB while I wasn't looking at had to sign in all over again. 

      I've tried several browsers and several computers and still having the same issue.

      Last night when I tried to log in on the dashboard, I got a weird error message saying that my credentials were wrong (which they weren't because google picked them up from my saved passwords).

      When I closed the screen with the error message, I had actually been logged into the dashboard.