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4 years ago


We lodged a Company return initially with the incorrect TFN.  When we realised the error, we checked the ATOPortal and noticed it still wasn't lodged so we changed the return and attempted to relodge it but keep getting the above error.  Have been in touch with the ATO as it's still not showing as lodged on the portal and cant seem to get the issue resolved.  

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  • If you updated the TFN through the 'Main' tab in AE, make sure it has updated to the ITR correctly.

    Did the ATO confirm that no ITR had been received/lodged for the entity over the phone?

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      TFN is correct in the Main TAB and also on the Return.  The ATO's intimated that it's a software issue and their solution is to send a PDF Copy through the portal.  To get it done this is what I'll do but there must be another solution :(

  • Hi STAPIrma 


    Apologies for the delayed response. 

    The CMN.ATO.GEN.DUPLICATE ENTRY error gets triggered when the ATO rejects a return due to the return already lodged for a particular client for the same financial year.

    This rejection is from the ATO's end and not triggered by the software - the ATO has detected an existing record on their end.

    I'm not sure why the ATO would refer you to us, as generally with this rejection, clients are referred to the ATO to find out what record they have on their end and if a lodgment flag is present on the return.


    Another way you can try, is to lodge an amendment with the correct TFN present on the front cover. 




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      Hi there,


      Is anyone still having issues with lodgement of transitional tax return for a company where the lodgement error code is : CMN.ATO.GEN.DUPLICATE.ENTRY


      Did you end up finding a way to submit the return? 




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        MYOB Staff

        Hi jct1 


        This error code means ATO has already received the return and their systems are rejecting it due to duplicate lodgement.


        Please check on the ATO Portal or Contact ATO to see the status of the return if it is lodged.




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