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2 years ago

MYOB Dashboard - Create Client not linking to MYOB AE from Dashboard


This article states that this is what should be happening when we try and create a new file in PARTNER.MYOB


We have set up various new clients in MYOB AE and they are not showing in our Dashboard and we are not being able to set up Payroll or Essentials Files for them.


This is very useful to have all these subscriptions under here so various staff can access them easily. 


It is extremely frustrating as the client is set up on MYOB AE but can not find on Dashboard and we need this completed ASAP!!!! 


I have spent 1 hour on the phone to MYOB Support only to have the phone hung up and no call back. It is ever so more frustrating. 


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  • Hi Jason,


    My understanding is that it's a way one data transfer from AE to the partner dashboard for most client information. 


    I'm not sure of your setup, but is the sync service running?

    Perhaps this might help


    Good luck.