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4 years ago

MYOB Dashboards

Hi Folks


Can someone point me to how to show graphs, barcharts etc to a director of a company without them logging into the MYOB file.


I remember years ago being shown this at a conference but never used it - and wondered if it went live - is available - has a better product - is online through a portal.


Essentially I send reports to a director every weekend on the Creditor and debtor state - I encrypt them as a password protected pdf so he can open them in his mobile.


Is there a better option - a dashboard - a portal - that I can configure with more than just these two facts -....


The Doc

  • Hi Doc

    Good stuff. Yeah Power BI is just so nice to use


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  • Hi The_Doc 


    AccountRight does offer some charts through the Business Insights (option is listed at the bottom of the Command Centre).


    In my opinion, those charts are limited. If you are looking for more complex charts the recommendation would be to export the records out to Excel for further customisation. Alternatively, you could look at using a third-party app or the MYOB for Excel add-in.

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      Hi Steven_M 


      Thanks - found those - yes limited.


      It was at an MYOB conference - when MYOB was pushing the ability of a book keeper - accountant to use an online facility built into our accountants that we could dashboard clients info online - was that feature not continued?


      Was thinking of using it for a clients business that just doesn't want to logon to MYOB and search.



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        Hi The_Doc 


        I'm unsure about what that feature or online facility was. It could have been MYOB Advisory - which would be attached to the MYOB Partner Dashboard. This allows Partners to generate reports and analyse businesses within their Dashboard. There are 20+ charts that can be generated with that process.


        The other thing it may have been would have been Power BI integration. With Microsoft ceasing the content pack integration for that in 2019 we no longer support or offer that as an integration method.


        Apart from that, if you can remember the name of that dashboard or the MYOB product/service we'll be happy to look into that and provide additional information if required.

  • Hi Doc

    An alternative could be to create the charts in Power BI, publish online and then and share them with the director which could be viewed on a mobile

    Power BI's Odata feed connector can be used to to pull live MYOB data via OdataLink

    A scheduled refresh can be setup so that the data is updated overnight


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      Hi Jeff_AccAddons 


      Thanks for the input - yes Power BI we use to connect our ticket system - I am familiar with the product but have not used it myself.


      I think a looksee at this product my be a way to go  - there is certainly a huge trend to this ability to produce charts of current data and business progress - we have an internal subscription for Power BI linking our ticket stats to our clients for them to view graphically what are the major problems they have had throughout the month and how much they are spending on support.


      Regards The Doc