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3 years ago

Bank deposits not showing

I have gone into prepare bank deposits and selected all the cash deposits listed, sent them to the cash drawer and then found one had been entered incorrectly as cash when it should have been "online...
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    3 years ago

    Hi TyperightServic 


    Thanks for your post. If you tried to delete the Receive Money/Payments transaction but the arrow was grey you'll need to delete the Prepare Bank Deposit transaction first.


    To locate the Prepare Bank Deposit transaction the first thing I'd check is the account it was posted to. One way to do this is check the account linked to undeposited funds in Setup>>Linked accounts>>Accounts & Banking>>Bank account for Undeposited funds.


    Once you know the account linked in that field, go to Find transactions>>Account tab and select that account in the Account field. Locate the Bank deposit transaction and click on the arrow to open, check the account the bank deposit transaction was posted to in the Deposit to Account field.


    If you continue to have problems please provide screenshots so that I can assist further. Make sure sensitive information is removed from screenshots prior to posting on the public Forum.


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