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2 years ago

BANK FEEDS 1/5/2023

Hi Everyone, 

I am not getting yesterday's bank feeds (ANZ) 01/05/2023??

Is there anyone else that is experienceing the same??


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    My bank feed says Last updates 9.05am Tuesday 2 may but no transactios even though I know there is.


    EDIT:  NAB bank

  • I have the same issue every month on either the first business day or the last. No sure if it a bank issue or a MYOB issue.

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    Our hasnt updated either. A common occurence these days and make getting work done difficult. 

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    Yep, two clients today already - one NAB, one ANZ - so a MYOB issue again, it's been hit and miss on bank transactions for over a week now.

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    Plus one for no bank feeds today - with NAB.  And no response from MYOB when this has been an issue for 2 hours now?

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    Mine too - says updated 2/5/23 but yesterdays transactions are not showing. (NAB)

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    I have had the same problem with 4 different clients using 3 different banks.


    Not happy.

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    I got through to someone via the online chat - MYOB are aware of it and their engineers are working on it.