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4 years ago

Cleared and reconciled payroll cheques appear in reconcile report

This happened after moving from AR V19 to AR2019. Some transactions between 16 August 19 and 30 August 19 always show up in the reconcile report as cleared cheques  or deposit. Finally I found a wa...
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    4 years ago

    Hi tonyfan_usr 

    Sometimes this can happen due to a glitch in the reports. So we can confirm that's the issue, can you please do the following:


    1. Check Last Reconciled date on Reconcile Accounts window.
    2. Go to Reports > Banking > Cheques and Deposits > Reconciliation Report
    3.  Select Advanced Filters
    4.  Select Individual bank account > OK
    5.  Select Change Entered Statement Date to List of Recorded Statement Dates and Run Report
    6. Click on Statement Date to see all statement dates
    If the latest date on this report does not match the last reconciled date on the reconcile accounts window, that means there is an issue with the report. In order to correct it, take a backup of your file, and
    1. Go to Banking > Reconcile Accounts
    2. Enter a fake date after the latest statement date: e.g. 01/08/2023. Ignore the message about the transaction being future-dated.
    3. Enter the Calculated Statement Balance into the Closing Statement Balance field, so that the Out of Balance is $0.00
    4. Press the Reconcile button. This should then allow you undo the 'fake' reconciliation and any other future dated transactions and the transactions should show up for you to reconcile again,