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5 years ago

Reversal of bank processed bulk payment

Good morning I made an electronic bulk payment which was processed through the bank in February but one of the invoices should have been paid in January so it would be included in January P&L figure...
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    5 years ago

    Hi AJs 


    You might want to take a backup of the company file at this point. So if things don't work as they should you have a restore point.


    From what I gather from reading your posts, I don't believe that any action would be required another that deleting the reversal. To do that you want to go to Setup>>Preferences>>Security>>Transactions can't be changed they must be reversed and ensure that is NOT enabled. After checking that preference, you will want to open the reversal of the electronic payment* and go Edit>>Delete Electronic Payment. 


    Should I have misinterpreted the situation and you want to go back to the beginning and edit the invoice you would be looking at completing the following process after deleting that reversal of the electronic payment:


    1. Navigate to the electronic payment transaction (i.e. the original transaction)
    2. Select Edit>>Delete Electronic Payment. This will place the individual payment transactions back into the Prepare Electronic Payments window
    3. Go to the Prepare Electronic Payments window, navigate to that individual payment transaction and select Edit>>Delete payment. 

    The above process should open the bill up to changes or allowing it to be deleted so you can start the process again i.e. enter/update bill, enter the payment and then reprocess electronic payment (don't upload ABA file to be bank).


    *This is the transaction that when viewed appears in the Prepare Electronic Payments window and shows the combined individual payment transactions.