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3 months ago

Backup - Server connection error

I am trying to do a backup for a MYOB file but keep getting the error "The connection to the server was lost. Please check the server is on and connected to the network". Our team has tried from different locations with different MYOB files and are all receiving the same message. Anyone else getting this issue? 

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    Hi markeetannd01,

    Thanks for your post, and welcome to the Community Forum! This error typically arises when The AccountRight server service, a Windows service integrated with AccountRight, encounters issues. AccountRight relies on this service to access your company file data. Problems may arise if the service is absent, malfunctioning, or if there's a port conflict.

    To resolve this issue, you'll need to reinstall the AccountRight Server Edition on your server. Refer to this help page for step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with the reinstallation: To reinstall AccountRight Server Edition

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!

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    I'm having the same issue.  I reinstalled the AccountRight and no difference.  It is just one particular file that is having this issue.

    It says: "The connection to the server was lost. Please check the server is on and connected to the network"


    Once you click "Close", it then says: Your backup has completed successfully and the company file is ready to use. - Except when I check the backup folder, there is nothing there.