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2 years ago

Importing item sales into a new Accountright Online file

Hi, We're currently in the process of moving form the old Accountright Premier Classic Desktop V19 to Accountright Premier online. I have a few questions! 

Firstly, should we have set our conversion date as the start of the financial year i.e. 01/07/2022 or the actual date we will begin using the new file - 01/04/2023?

Secondly, how do we import historical item sales - this will obviously affect the inventory? Or is that not possible?

Our old company file was too large to upgrade (1.32GB) so we've been told we have to start a new company file from scratch which is causing alot of headaches as there is alot of historical information that needs to be captured but as we work with inventory that makes if very difficult. 

I would appreciate any advice you may have on how to go about this with the least disruption. I've already setup and activated a new company file online, however after doing a few import and export tests I realised it may not be as simple as originally thought. The current conversion date is set to 01 April 2023, which I believe in order to correct I need to remove the current file and start again? Not a problem to do this, I just need to confirm how we go about capturing the historical data and also being able to move forward & start using the new file. 


The main reason for the change is that we also process payroll in MYOB and are currently using a third party to process STP but that will no longer be supported from 01 July nor will the tax table updates.


Thank you

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  • Hi MVDP1 


    Strongly advise you avoid the 'new file' approach - MYOB recommend this as a 'cop-out' they have not idea how difficult it can be, esp with inventory. Purging old data can be a better option if done correctly. Suggest you get someone involved how specialises in this, they can most likely reduce the file enough to upgrade it as is. Send me a private message or an email if you don't have someone you can contact about this.


    If you re-enter all transactions via import the file will be as big as it is now anyway. You may need to compromise and retain just some data. If importing, when setting a conversion date, this sets the earliest date for a transaction. So if you want to import say transactions from 1 July 2019, this needs to be your conversion date and 2020 needs to be the FY. Be aware that anything related to payroll cannot be imported.


    FYI you mentioned having to upgrade due to tax tables and Single Touch Payroll. Some users can't upgrade from v19 for various reasons.  Take a look at a program called STP Creator, this was specifically developed for MYOB v19 and works with AR2023 as well for offline files. The developer also has access to tax tables for v19. That may be a viable option depending on your circumstances. If you use AccountEdge, this too can be converted to v19.


    Another option might be to get the v19 file cloned. This creates an exact copy minus any values or transactions and becomes a starting point for importing. All the cards, accounts, tax codes, items, jobs, payroll categories etc will be as per the original file. You can upgrade this file to AR2023 and then do the importing. This is a service provided by another company, get in touch if interested.