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4 months ago

tradify invoices sending to the wrong myob file.

This is the second time this has happened and i can not remember how to fix it.  When i put a bill into Tradify and want to send it to MYOB Accountright file it sends to my MYOB Essential file which is the wrong one.  I have changed nothing on my end and I remember last time it was an MYOB issue.  How do i fix it 

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    Hi stephkiwi,

    Thank you for your post.

    If your bills from Tradify are being sent to MYOB Essentials instead of MYOB Accountright, it's likely an integration settings issue. I recommend reaching out to Tradify's support directly for assistance via this link.

    Additionally, you can find more information on troubleshooting and adjusting integration settings in this help page. Sending Invoices to MYOB AccountRight

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!

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      Thank you for your reply but unfortunately it did not work and Tradify do say in their article

      These login credentials are specific to your MYOB account and can be found on the back of the box which the software came in or within the accounts settings. By default, MYOB sets these credentials to:

      User ID: Administrator

      Password: (by default, the password is left blank)

      Note: If this doesn't work, please contact MYOB support for further assistance


      Can you please help with this, it has become very urgent in my business

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    Hi stephkiwi


    Thanks for the response, we appreciate you for adding more clarity to your concern. 


    From what you've shared, it seems like you're using the default credentials for AccountRight. If you're having trouble logging in, it's possible that these credentials have been changed at some point. I suggest you open the file from AccountRight and navigate to the User Access window to set up a new password for the Administrator userID. Please ensure to deselect the option "This user will sign on with a my.MYOB account (recommended)" to gain access to the password setup.


    If you continue to experience login issues after this, our virtual assistant, MOCA, is available on our website to assist you. Alternatively, you can request support through your account at to connect with a support agent.


    Should you need further help, don't hesitate to start a new thread in the forum.


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      No this did not work.  Can someone ring me .  Your live chat does not do anything except send me to MYOB support 3rd party email which i did and no reply.,

      I need help badly 


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      I did this and now i can not get into my myob file .  Cheers for that

      I am in big problem running my business .  You need to help


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      Good afternoon.  I have spent the last two hours on and off with MYOB.  They have put in writing that this issue is now tradify’s. I have rang Tradify and they tell me that this issue is MYOBs.  What do i do


      All i know is that it is not my fault

      1.  Last week I was sending bills from Tradify to MYOB accountright (S+S Sillitoe Pty Ltd t/a ATS) which is correct
      2. Two days ago the bills for some reason were been sent to MYOB essential (equipment Services) which is incorrect
      3. I got Tradify to disconnect MYOB integration so we could re-integrate MYOB Accountright.
      4. I could not log in and got the Houston we have a problem message telling me that it is a MYOB issue
      5. I contacted MYOB and told to change the User id to Administrator with no password
      6. Still no log in
      7. Then a day later I log into Tradify and I am integrated to MYOB Essential (which is wrong and how did that happen when I could not log into myob????
      8. Then I ask Tradify to disconnect me to try again and no log in can happen.  Houston we have a problem message again
      9. I contact MYOB they tell me in writing that it is a Tradify issue
      10. I log into Tradify and I am integrated into the wrong MYOB again

      Can you see a pattern.   I need help big time and I need help now


      Someone needs to get to the botton of this .   I am paying good money for this software   


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        Hi stephkiwi,


        I appreciate your patience with this. I see you're having trouble with bills being sent to the wrong MYOB file from Tradify. This might be due to the integration between MYOB and Tradify. I noticed that you're using the same email for two serial numbers, which could be the issue. You can refer to your previous post with the same problem, which might help you solve it again. Here's the details below: 


        For Tradify, you could create a new user for their use only. They do not have to use Administrator. To create a new user:

        • go to Set-up, User Access.
        • Click New User. 
        • Untick the box that says this user will sign in with my username.
        • Add a username, e.g., Tradeify, and a password (make it simple and remember it).
        • Give them role(s) that allow them to integrate, e.g., sales, purchases, cards, and inventory, or just give that user accountant/bookkeeper role, which includes everything except user access.
        • Click OK.

        Then use the new username and password to set up a connection to MYOB in Tradify.

        If these don't apply, you might want to check out or to find MOCA, our virtual assistant. MOCA can help with immediate questions, and if it can't, you'll be directed to our live chat team. They can dig deeper into this and work with both MYOB and Tradify to find a solution.


        Let me know how you'd go on this and if you require further help.


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        Kind regards,