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2 months ago

GST Return and BAS Lodgement don't match

I hope someone can assist.  I went to prepare and lodge my BAS Statement, but the statement "GST on purchases" amount does not match the GST Return and the GST Report amounts.  (Both the GST Return and GST Report agree).  Is anyone able to shed light on what could be wrong?  Thanks.

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    Hi KathyH61 ,

    This can be quite challenging. If the BAS was prepared earlier, the report might not match because the date reflects when it was prepared. Additionally, when running the GST Return Summary report under Reporting > BAS Reporting, note that the report is static. It populates values at the time it is generated and won't change unless it is deleted and re-created. By design, it should be generated when lodging a BAS return for a period, as it tracks any changes made in that period. These changes will be included in the adjustments for the next period.

    Feel free to post again, we're happy to help!


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      Thanks Earl, however BAS wasn't prepared earlier and both reports were generated one after the other.